Headed for Burn Out?
Ready For More Confidence?
How to Get More Confidence
in 21 Days

-Do you know how to ask for promotions or a raise in a positive and convincing way?

-Do you feel like you’ve topped out in your position and have no other position to grow into?

-Do you compare yourself to others and lower your self-esteem?

-Do you feel shy in meetings, and blush when you speak?

-Do you want to feel confident when others may not be aligned with your thinking?

You’ve tried self-help books and advice from friends and nothing is working.

It’s not your fault.

Confidence is a problem for millions of women, and yet it’s not something that’s taught in school or even at our jobs. If you can relate to these problems, I have the solution.

Women who have applied this process have received raises, grown into new positions, increased their self-esteem and found confidence when speaking in meetings and when others disagree.

In fact, if you start now you could have what it takes to ask for that promotion in less than a month.

Imagine what it would be like to speak up in that meeting and have everyone pay attention to what you have to say.

What will it feel like when you hear yourself standing up for your position when others disagree with you?

How will it feel to hold that higher paycheck in your hands for the first time?

Coach Mo Faul 
Mo Faul is a 20-year C-Suite veteran in the Healthcare industry, executive, creator of the Kick Ass Career Course Coaching Program and author of several career growth E-Books. She works with clients – privately and in groups – to help them align who they are with what they do. She also coaches corporate leaders with her Leadership NOW! Program that focuses on aligning and developing leaders with their true nature and matching them with their role and success map.
The 21-Day Confidence Cure is a Simple, Guided Process that Will:
Give you the confidence to ask for that raise or promotion
Help to break through the glass ceiling
Build your confidence so you no longer feel shy in meetings or blush when you speak
Give you the confidence to handle disagreements while standing your ground
Establish a firm footing and build your self-esteem
"Yes, APPRECIATE!!!!!!! Many things, but I especially appreciate this program, the wonderful wise women who participated, AND you, Mo!!!!! I am so grateful to have been challenged everyday for 23 days and blessed with your wisdom, energy, humor, love, and belief in us and the process. THANK YOU deeply, from the hearts of my now and future selves!" 
L.B.- Arizona
Here's What You Get 
21 Day Course
Daily Emails That Guide To A Confident & Empowered Life. Full Of My Experiences, Lessons and Journal Exercises.
Plus Bonus Members-Only Live Coaching Call With Me!
Facbook Group
Get Lifetime Access To The 21 Day Facebook Group! Ask Questions, Get More Career Help, And Grow A Community
Audio Lessons 
Join Me For 4 Guided Exercises During The Course And Get Even More Insight And Support You Need
2 Awesome Bonuses 
1. Members-Only Live Coaching Call When You Join the 21 Day Confidence Cure by
October 15, 2017!
2. Receive the Entire Series of my Hay House Radio Show: Mo- On the GO!
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So, for the price of a nice dinner out on Saturday night, you can get what you need to ask for that promotion (and never blush during a meeting again.)
Think how much it is costing you every day that you don’t have that promotion.

Whatever confidence crushing you've had in life, this 21-Day Cure will bring you back to life!
P.S. The 21-Day Confidence Cure, developed by Mo Faul, is guaranteed to
increase your confidence in the workplace or your money back.
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